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SLAVA BEATS is a worldwide series of benefit DJ events
to raise awareness for the “Lost Voices” of Ukraine.



Join us in making a real difference. Together, we can be the voice for those unheard, the hope for those in despair, and the change for a better tomorrow. Join our movement for humanity and stand tall against the injustice and suffering of the deported children of Ukraine. Every act of kindness, every voice raised in solidarity, brings us closer to a world where compassion reigns supreme. 

Join us now and be a part of something truly extraordinary. Together, let’s ignite the flame of compassion and build a future filled with hope and dignity for all the “Lost Voices”.



The benefit DJ event series “SLAVA BEATS” kicks off in summer 2024! It aims to raise awareness and funds for the Ukrainian “Lost Voices”: 19,546 Ukrainian children have been identified […]


By end of 2023 OFF has already successfully collected €5.400.000,- for its humanitarian projects. Your donation will help reunite children with their families. It will help OFF cover amongst others […]


As soon as the crisis in Ukraine escalated in February 2022, The Orphans Feeding Foundation (OFF) has been supporting Ukrainians in this terrible period, from the expatriation of refugees to […]