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As soon as the crisis in Ukraine escalated in February 2022, The Orphans Feeding Foundation (OFF) has been supporting Ukrainians in this terrible period, from the expatriation of refugees to the provision of medical/food supplies to hospitals and orphanages all along the front line.
In cooperation with the Ukrainian Government we are working on the Bring Kids Back UA (“Lost Voices”) program. Orphans Feeding Foundation particularly provides support with:

  • The identification and tracing of the stolen children of Ukraine
  • The repatriatation of the children back to Ukraine
  • The construction of 8 rehabilitation and children centres across the country for the reunited families
  • The gathering of information for their cases to the International Criminal Court in The Hague

The SLAVA BEATS project is an initiative by OFF, aiming to raise worldwide awareness and funding for this project.
More information: OFF-NGO/ORG.