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The benefit DJ event series “SLAVA BEATS” kicks off in summer 2024! It aims to raise awareness and funds for the Ukrainian “Lost Voices”: 19,546 Ukrainian children have been identified as forcibly deported to Russia and Occupied Territories.
Orphans Feeding Foundation (OFF) has been asked by the Presidential Office of Ukraine to help repatriate them. To raise awareness we need to create visibility for worldwide engagement and support. OFF and her partners NOTV and Mean-Dream have therefore launched a series of fundraising DJ events on all continents so everyone understands, remembers and can support.

The 2024 series kicks off in 6 cities in Europe (list to be confirmed):
– Vienna, Austria
– Tallinn, Estonia
– Mallorca, Spain
– The Hague, The Netherlands
– Manchester, UK
– London, UK

We’ll keep you updated soon!